• What is an AGV ?

    What are we talking about ? What kind of solutions exist ? What are the benefits
    Today, companies are asking a lot of questions, Optimus Robotics, a manufacturer of autonomous and intelligent robots, responding by offering handling and logistics AGVs to manufacturers and companies of all sizes.


  • Our solutions

    We provide a full range of AGVs with functionalities that meet expectations in differents fields : handling, logistics, cleaning, production...
    From pallet transport to the mobile workstation to the supply of production lines, our autonomous robots propose a variety of services that coexist via a common traffic management system.
  • Your applications

    Your interest is growing for automating logistics tasks and lean management continuous improvement ? The range of Optimus Robotics will surprise you with a complete line of autonomous robots. You will be able to supply your production, clean your premises, organize your storage spaces and adapt the workstation of your operators.
    You want to be supported in this change ? The Need & Use solution fits to your needs.