• Our history

    In service worldwide since 2014, Optimus Robotics provides professional automatic handling robots for lot of industries, based on the long robotic experience of Philippe Bougard, chairman of the company.
    The product range has been designed during several years to suit industrial duties.
  • Applications

    Are you interested in automation and robots increasing intralogistic operational effectiveness ? 


    Easy improvements are now possible thanks to Optimus Robotics logistic robots.


    The automation of the industrial workflow using autoguided vehicule systems is the very last state-of-the-art workflow, saving resources and enhancing human security inside the workplace.

  • Robot of the month

    The TwinRobot is an innovative logistic robot which is suitable for diverse intralogistics tasks, from material provision for machines, to putting goods in and out of storage, all the way to complex picking jobs.


    This robot no needs any specific installation, it recognizes its environment through the ANT Technology Laser (BlueBotics)... a significant technologic evolution.